Official Madagascar BSC Certificate Tariff & Price

Why Do You Need BSC?

Failing to submit the BSC certificate, cargo cannot be cleared and will be sent back to origin. Customs Declaration amendments are subject to a fine of 2500 USD per Bill of lading. This amount will be debited to the agency that requests the correction.


According to Madagascar regulations (Order n° 01/MFB/SG/DGD – 2007)24 March 2007, All cargo shipped to Madagascar requires a Cargo tracking note called Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons (BSC). BSC certificate is an obligation by Madagascar authorities for all cargo shipments that take voyage to the island. This particular certificate enables the Malagasy authorities to control, track and identify all necessary information on cargo traffic. Madagascar BSC must be acquired by the shipper or the forwarder, at least 3 days before the submission of the declaration.

Who needs to het BSC for Madagascar?

International trade is in some cases more complicated than just seller and buyer terms. Some transactions may involve several parties in the form of manufacturer, intermediary, freight forwarder, local agent and importer/consignee. Which Party is responsible for BSC certificate in such cases? Generally BSC is exporter obligation as it is their responsibility that commodity reaches final destination safely and get custom clearance. However, there is no specific requirement as of who has to apply for BSC. Any party related in the particular trade can request BSC certificate. As we say that, it is also worth to mention, there are some documents required to apply for BSC certificate. In the triangular trade, to apply for BSC we need the commercial invoice that if provided to the importer. This is the most important during this type of trade